Norton AntiVirus 2011 Screen Shots:

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Screenshot #1:   The Norton AntiVirus 2011 Dashboard displays the current state of your system. A variety of commands are available here for initiating a quick or full scan of your file system, and for enabling/disabling the various security provided by Norton. A world map displays the current state of computer security around the globe.

Norton Antivirus 2011 Dashboard

Screenshot #2:   From the Computer Scan screen, you can initiate a Quick, Full or Custom Scan of your computer system.

Norton Antivirus 2011 Scanning Options

Screenshot #3:   Norton's Virus Scanner also supports scanning the trust level of your applications, and even scanning your Facebook Wall for links that might be malicious.

Norton Facebook Wall Scan

Screenshot #4:   The Norton AntiVirus 2011 interface is intuitive, and provides context-sensitive help. When you hover your mouse over one of the features listed on the right-hand side of the Dashboard, Norton displays a small pop-up box that describes the protection afforded by that feature.

Norton Dashboard Descriptions

Screen Shot #5:   Norton Reputation Scan looks at all installed applications on your system, calculates their age, and looks at how prevalent they are across all Norton AntiVirus users. Newer executables and DLLs that are not widely trusted or installed in the community are more likely to be malware.

Norton Reputation Scan

Screenshot #6:   Norton System Insight keeps track of your system's performance over time, and attempts to identify the cause of any performance degradations. It is available by clicking the Performance link on the main Dashboard screen.

Norton System Insight

Screenshot #7:   Norton AntiVirus 2011's Settings dialog is packed with options for configuring your new antivirus program. Most controls are either simple on/off toggles, or three-state switches; for example, you can set the Tracking Cookies Scan setting to Remove, Ignore, or Ask Me.

Norton Settings

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