Norton 360 Download (2015):

Norton 360
VERSION:  Windows 7 / Vista / XP, 1-3 Users

PRICE:  $79.99

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Information Below:  Software Description, Screenshots, System Requirements

Norton 360 Version 4 is Norton's brand new all-inclusive computer security program. It includes all the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, & Norton SystemWorks together in one program. Norton 360 includes PC security and tuneup capabilities, identity protection, as well as backup and restore functionality. Plus, Protects up to 3 PCs per household!

Key Technologies:
• Anti-Virus
• Anti-Spyware
• Anti-Phishing
• Online Identity Protection
• Website Authentication
• Two-way Firewall
• 2 GB Secure Online Storage
  (25 GB storage with Norton 360 Premier)

NEW Features in Version 4.0:
  • NEW! Norton Reputation Service - adds an additional layer of protection to detect Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, and other threats by examining different attributes of files and applications in real-time to determine if they are safe.
  • NEW! Norton Insight - identifies trusted files on your system that do not need to be scanned, thereby speeding up scan times.
  • NEW! Norton Download Insight - checks files that are being downloaded to your computer to prevent malicious software from being installed on your computer.
  • NEW! Norton System Insight - gives useful information about the processes that impact your computer including Downloads, Security Risks, Quick Scans, and Installations.
  • NEW! Norton File Insight - gives you more info about the files that are on your computer.
  • NEW! SONAR 2 Behavioral Protection - provides protection against new malware before definitions are released by examining behavioral aspects.

Key Features:
  • PC Security - defends you against a broad range of online threats including Viruses & Spyware.
  • Automatic Backup & Restore - protects your important files from loss and safeguards irreplaceable photos, movies, music, and more.
  • PC Tuneup - keeps your PC running at peak performance with its diagnostic & tuneup software.
  • Transaction Security safeguards you against online identity theft and protects against fraud and theft.
  • Includes 2GB of online storage for photos, music, contacts, & financial documents.
  • Embedded support components diagnose problems and help you quickly resolve common issues. Plus additional free support via email and live chat if needed.
  • Includes protection updates and new product features with current subscription.

More Features:

Connect securely to any wireless hotspot:
• Block hackers from accessing your computer.
• Prevent unknown threats from entering your PC.
• Exchange documents freely using email and instant messaging.

Remove Viruses from email:
• Block Internet worms at point of entry.
• Surf the Web and play games online without worry.

Stop Spyware from tracking you online:
• Block Spyware from hijacking your computer.
• Bank, shop, and invest online with confidence.

Guard against online identity theft:
• Inspect Websites to make sure they're not fake.
• Safely download photos, music and software.

Remove dangerous threats from files you download:
• Block suspicious programs.
• Allow only authorized programs to connect to the Internet.
• Backs up your most important files.

Protect valuable files from computer disasters:
• Restore damaged or deleted files and folders.
• Enjoy secured online storage service.
• Tune up your PC and optimize its performance.

Find and fix problems that slow your computer:
• Remove unwanted Internet clutter and temporary files.
• And much more!

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Norton 360 Screenshots

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Norton 360 System Requirements:

Windows 7 Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate (32 and 64 bit versions)

Windows Vista Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate (32 and 64 bit)

Windows XP Home/Pro/Media Center with Service Pack 2 or later

Required for all installations: Email scanning supported for standard POP & SMTP-compatible clients.

Phishing Protection requires Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Firefox 3.0+.

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