G Data Internet Security 2011 Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   G Data Internet Security 2011 is the only application we've seen to date that offers optional installation of some of its advanced features. Here, G Data asks users if they want to include or exclude the Parental Controls and Shredder features.

G Data Installation

Screenshot #2:   The G Data Dashboard organizes its features and options into various tabs. Despite its promise of a "one click UI," most features require at least two clicks in order to change their configuration.

G Data Dashboard

Screenshot #3:   The Virus Check screen displays a progress bar, and a status indicator reporting on the number of infections found. An optional checkbox tells G Data Internet Security 2011 to suspend virus scanning if the system experiences high load.

G Data Virus Scanner

Screen Shot #4:   The Parental Controls feature in G Data is cumbersome, and doesn't provide an option to password protect settings.

Parental Controls

Screenshot #5:   The Firewall options control panel lets users choose between using a simple slider control to set a general level of protection, or using fully customized settings so that users can control which types of connections are allowed or forbidden.

GData Firewall Options

Screenshot #6:   G Data supports creating a Boot CD that will scan a computer for viruses without launching the operating system (which may itself be infected). While this is a great idea, it's doubtful that anyone but advanced users will take advantage of it.

Boot CD

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