ESET Smart Security 4.2 Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   ESET Smart Security springs into action whenever it detects a new wireless network, and asks users if they want their computer to be visible or shielded over this access point.

ESET Network Detection

Screenshot #2:   The ESET Dashboard is clean and well organized, but seemingly spartan until users change from Standard Mode to Advanced Mode. ESET's UI philosophy centers around keeping the application as simple as possible for the majority of its users.

ESET Dashboard

Screenshot #3:   The Advanced Setup options and the entire Tools menu are invisible unless the ESET Dashboard is set to Advanced Mode.

Advanced Mode

Screen Shot #4:   ESET's Virus Scanner supports a number of scanning options, including a prompt-less Smart Scan, and an In-Depth Scan for greater security. The Computer scan window displays a simle view of the current scan's status.

Virus Scanner

Screenshot #5:   SysInspector, one of the few advanced features provided by ESET Smart Security, analyzes computers for potential threats based on a set of heuristics.

ESET SysInspector

Screenshot #6:   The pell-mell construction of the Advanced Options dialog, along with its standard Windows look and feel, sends a clear message: only the sincerely nerdy need fuss with these settings!

Advanced Options

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