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Review of eScan Internet Security Suite 11:

    By Jay Andrew Allen

eScan India-based manufacturer MicroWorld Technologies has been producing antivirus and security software since 1993 - both for India and for the world. Their latest foray in the Internet Security space is eScan Internet Security Suite 11, which boasts a slew of new features designed to make eScan a contender in a crowded market.

1) Features & Ease of Use:  9.5/15

Ease of Use: eScan recently proclaimed the deployment of a new "user-friendly" interface. And the eScan Internet Security 11 interface is slick and usable...on the surface. The eScan Dashboard consists of a Home screen whose contents can be switched via buttons on a Macintosh-style navigation strip, which is located along the bottom of the window.

Once a user clicks more deeply into the interface, however, the pretty UI fades away. The Privacy Controls Settings dialog, for example, is an ugly conglomeration of tabs and checkboxes. While other antivirus manufacturers have taken pains to provide easier access to often-used features and settings, eScan's usability improvements seem mostly cosmetic.

eScan 11 Dashboard:

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New Features:
The list of features added to the eScan 11 application suite is stunning. Many of the included features exist on competitor's platforms, but eScan includes a few unique twists.

eScan's URL Filtering is one of its most obvious new features. A pop-up message is displayed from the System Tray every time a user surfs to a page that eScan considers malicious. The protection even extends to scripts and utilities hosted by Google that may be used for tracking purposes. Users can whitelist URLs that they consider safe, but which eScan may have erroneously flagged as malicious; the pop-up includes a checkbox that supports whitelisting a URL seconds after it is blocked.

The Web Protection tab on the Dashboard is host to several additional new features in eScan Internet Security 11. Anti-Phishing provides protection against phishing attacks, in which a malicious site attempts to steal private information by posing as a trusted source. For example, a phishing site may attempt to steal bank account numbers by mimicking the look and feel of Web Protection also contains configuration for eScan's Parental Controls, which are rich and extensive. Users can avoid these configuration options, however, and assign their junior users to one of the pre-configured protection categories: Walled Garden, Teenager, Adolescent, and Adult. (The eScan Help Manual describes each category in detail.)

One of the more unique features in eScan is Folder Protection, which is available from the File Anti-Virus Settings menu. If a folder is added to this dialog, none of its contents can be modified or deleted. While this is a nice feature, it took us a long time to find it; the Help manual, sadly, was not very helpful (see below).

Other new features include Rescue CD creation, a virtual keyboard (for defeating keylogging programs), and self-protection measures that prevent other applications from disabling eScan.

Existing Features:
eScan sports solid Firewall protection. Unlike with its Parental Controls feature, the Firewall can be set to one of four defaults - Allow All, Limited Filter, Interactive Filter, and Block All - or customized to the user's taste.

Another strong point of the eScan platform is its Anti-Spam technology, which can be configured to use a wide range of heuristics, such as blocking all e-mails that use Chinese or Korean character sets, and placing suspected ads in quarantine.

eScan also supports Gamer Mode, which is available by right-clicking the eScan icon in the System Tray.

2) Virus Scanner:  2/5

Scan Types: eScan Internet Security 11 supports the most common virus scan types, including a Full Scan, a Quick Scan (which eScan calls the "Memory/Registry/Services scan"), a USB drive scan, a CD scan, and a Custom Scan (scanning selected files or folders). eScan 11 also introduces Proactive Scanning, which attempts to identify zero-day attacks (i.e., attacks as yet unidentified by virus manufacturers).

eScan Virus Scanner:

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Speed: When it comes to scan speeds, eScan is a dog. On our reference system*, the application only managed to scan 7.2MB of data per second. eScan required a full 142.5 seconds to scan our 1GB test file matrix. This puts it dead last in scan speed when compared to its competitors. eScan did no better in our Subsequent Scan Speed tests: after 10 virus scans, its scan rate rose to a mere 9.0MB per second - again placing dead last. (See Scan Speed Comparison)

Updates: eScan fared slightly better when it comes to keeping its virus definition database fresh: the application updates its virus signatures an average of 7 times daily. (See Updates Per Day Comparison)

*Reference Computer:  Windows 7 Home Premium running on a Toshiba Pentium Dual-Core T4200 (64 bit), with 3GB of RAM and a 210GB hard drive.

3) Performance Testing:  3/10

Memory Use: eScan 11 uses 28.2 MB of system memory. #8 ranked program of the 15 Internet Security programs we tested.

Reboot Time: eScan added 25.1 seconds to our test computer's reboot time. #12 ranked program.

Installation Size: eScan Internet Security Suite 11 requires 750 MB of hard-drive space for installation. #15 ranked program.

Initial Scan Speed: eScan Internet Security Suite scans files the first time at a speed of 7.2 MB/s. #15 ranked program.

Subsequent Scan Speed: eScan performs subsequent scans at a speed of 9.0 MB/s. #15 ranked program.

Initial Application Launch: eScan 11 added 0.041s to launch a web browser for the first time after a reboot. #1 ranked program.

Subsequent Application Launch: eScan added 0.562s on average for subsequent web browser launches. #14 ranked program.

File Conversion Time: eScan added 0.19s on average to convert a MP3 file to four other file types. #3 ranked program.

System Impact Score: The "System Impact Score" is a cumulative score tallied from the above 8 software tests (15 points given for a #1 rating, while 1 point is given for 15th place for each test). eScan Internet Security Suite 11 scored a total of 45 out of 120 points when compared to the other Internet Security programs tested. This placed eScan as the #14 ranked overall (tied for last place) program we tested this year. This was a dismal showing for eScan Internet Security - surprisingly bad considering eScan AntiVirus finished in the top 5 of our Antivirus Tests.

View above Internet Security Performance Tests.

4) Effectiveness: (Virus/Malware Detection) 12.5/15

eScan's Effectiveness again Viruses

5) Help & Support:  2.5/5

»On-Screen Assistance: eScan's on-screen explanations of concepts in the interface are sparse, and the application makes no use of tooltips or other help devices to guide the user.

»Help Manual: The online help manual is a pain. While the Overview is good, there is no Table of Contents for the manual, so no way to browse topics. Search was hit or miss. When we entered "Folder and Files Security" - the name of one of the new features mentioned in the eScan 11 Press Release - we received no relevant hits. Even "Folder Protection" - which is the name for the feature in the eScan UI - didn't return anything obviously relevant. We had a similar problem with the phrase "Gamer Mode": a search returned zero information on this key antivirus platform feature.

»Online Support: eScan receives kudos for putting a link to Live Chat support on its Help tab, and for providing 24/7 support. It's one of the few vendors that doesn't erect barriers against contacting a live support professional.

»Quick Support Links:

     • Online Help Manual
     • Live Chat
     • Customer Forum
     • eScan Troubleshooter


There is little to recommend eScan Internet Security 11. Its performance scores are awful: in our tests, eScan tied for last with Panda Internet Security in Overall System Impact. Most of its features are implemented just as well or better in other Internet Security products.

Overall Rating: Fair    (Total Score: 29.5 / 50 = 3 Stars)

*Installation Time:  3 minutes and 54 seconds (excluding time for updates)

Misc Info:

    • Version Tested:
    • Release Date:
    • Review Date:
    • Last Updated:
May 27, 2011
    • Previous Version:
eScan Internet Security Suite 10
    • Other eScan Software:
eScan AntiVirus 11

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eScan Internet Security Suite 11 Screenshots

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eScan Internet Security Suite 11 System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

    • Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 (Workstation) - both 32/64 bit Editions
    • Processor: Pentium II 200 MHz or higher
    • RAM: 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
    • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 & above
    • Hard Disk: 750 MB available disk space
    • Other: CD-ROM or DVD drive (if not installing via download)

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