BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   The BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Setup application is one of the lengthier we've seen in an antivirus platform. Users who choose Custom Setup will be forced to navigate through eight separate screens before the installation officially starts.

BitDefender Setup

Screenshot #2:   BitDefender customizes its Dashboard based on whether the user who installed the applications regards themselves as a Basic (see below), Intermediate, or Advanced computer user. In the Basic view, most of the features that differentiate BitDender Internet Security from BitDefender AntiVirus - such as firewall protection and parental controls - are hidden from view.

BitDefender Dashboard

Screenshot #3:   The Expert Mode Dashboard for BitDefender Internet Security 2011 provides access to the full plethora of the platform's features.

Expert Mode Interface

Screen Shot #4:   The Parental Control screen permits locking down user access to applications, network ports, instant messaging programs, and certain Web sites based on their content. It can also scan instant messaging conversations for specific keywords related to indecent or illicit activity. BitDefender supports configuring controls remotely through the Internet, permitting parents to restrict their children's computer activity even when the parents are at work or out of town.

Parental Control

Screenshot #5:   The Intermediate Mode Dashboard of BitDefender provides more options than the Basic view (see screenshot #2), as well as some blank spaces in the UI for adding quick-button access to some of BitDefender's more advanced features.

Intermediate Mode Interface

Screenshot #6:   Like most features in BitDefender Internet Security 2011, the Firewall controls permit easy slider configuration, as well as more advanced configuration through various sub-dialogs and tabs.

BitDefender Firewall

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