Avira Premium Security Suite Version 10.0 Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   After a mandatory reboot, Avira Premium Security Suite inundates the user with prompts such as these for various networking applications. New users should expect between one and two dozen prompts in the first five minutes following reboot.

Avira Installation Prompts

Screenshot #2:   The Avira Dashboard is neither pretty nor functional. The arrows next to menu items imply that the text hides a drop-down menu - which is only true about half of the time.

Avira Dashboard

Screenshot #3:   The Virus Scanner is simple and compact. It's also not on screen for very long! Avira's strong virus scanning detection accuracy rate and scan speed are two of its key selling points.

Virus Scanner

Screen Shot #4:   The Firewall window is clumsy, but not as difficult to navigate as other features. A simple slider control allows users to select a default level of network security without having to dive into the technical details of network configuration.

Avira Firewall

Screenshot #5:   When WebGuard is installed, Avira prompts users to select a detection level for its Advanced Heuristic Detection and Analysis (AHeAD) algorithm, which attempts to detect previously unknown threats to computer security.

Avira WebGuard

Screenshot #6:   We found the Parental Controls feature of Avira Premium Security Suite confusing, to say the least. Other programs, such as Kaspersky Internet Security, do a better job making Parental Controls both intuitive and easy to use.

Parental Controls

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