AVG Internet Security 2011 Screen Shots:

Screenshot #1:   The AVG Internet Security 2011 Dashboard provides a confusing array of feature icons - some of which link to pages containing configuration options, and some of which simply display status information.

AVG Dashboard

Screenshot #2:   The Scan window displays the running results of the scan, including the number of files already scanned and a list of infections discovered.

AVG Virus Scanner

Screenshot #3:   Like many Internet Security vendors, AVG includes a few features that require users ante up more money to unlock them. The PC Analyzer helps detects system inefficiencies, but users of AVG Internet Security 2011 only get one free "tuneup"; subsequent tuneups require a yearly subscription.

Optional Paid Features

Screen Shot #4:   Identity Protection analyzes the behavior of running applications, and clamps down on any that attempt to sniff sensitive user information, such as password and online banking credentials.

Identity Protection

Screenshot #5:   The AVG Firewall blocks incoming or outgoing traffic using the rules specified in the selected profile. The default profile (Small office or home network) is semi-intelligent: applications included in AVG's Trusted Database of apps are automatically white-listed, while unknown applications trigger a prompt asking users if they wish to allow or block the program.

AVG Firewall

Screenshot #6:   The System Tools page will warm the heart of any computer geek. Its various tabs give users a comprehensive picture of what's running on the system, including application processes, open network connections, startup apps, browser extensions (Internet Explorer and Firefox only), and Layered Service Providers (LSP).

System Tools

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